Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

This week has been a lil' busy with puppies. LOL. Our new additions are actually starting to turn out to be great little learners. They are starting to mind well when out on our walks every night.
They are also understanding commands fairly well. We also have finally named our lil' gals. Corey and Dotty. Corey is the one who took on the German Shorthaired Pointer looks. She has the smaller nob on her head and bigger rounder eyes. Dotty is the larger of the two and is a lil less obediant. She is the spitting image of the Weimaraner breed.

They had a great time this past 4th. They got to go out to "Nana and PaPa's"(My inlaws house). They have a huge yard out in the country and their house has a huge wrap around porch with a gate. We put the pups on the porch for a bit so that they could run a lil' free for a while. BUT, the smell of ribs being grilled was too much for them. They found a way to break out! lol. We kept putting them back on the porch and then they would just be running around on the carport where the ribs were being grilled! I finally told my husband that there had to be a hole somewhere. Well there was. I blocked it off and to my surprise they were roaming the yard again!! I then decided to spy on them. To my surprise those long legged pups were just jumping straight over the gate..lol! So I then decided it was time for a little walk and then I let them be on their long chains together so that they wouldn't get out into the road. They were so happy to just be in the grass that they layed there playing together for the rest of the evening. Blluughhkk... I was so tired...lol Who knew puppies were so exhausting!! lol.

Pictured above: This is the male that we took in. I found him a home a few blocks away. His name is Milo now. Isn't he gorgeous! To the Right: Corey and Dotty Snuggled up as the fireworks went off.

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