Friday, June 25, 2010

More beddy-by goodies.

Here are a few other things I have been working on from my queenly bed. Sore butt and all!
(Above: An Americana tomato pincushion with hand finished box.)
(All items are unfinished.)

This is a larger tomato pincushion with crow holding a rusty jingle bell.
Here is a small mess of the fabric balls that I have started to stockpile for my prim dolls.
Not a ton of things but I have made headway on some of my crafts within the last few bed rest days.

New Items from BedRest!

Well, here are the things that I have been working on lately....from my bed. That's right, my bed. I fell working in the yard (on some rather hard stones!!) right on my BEE-hind. Oh yea and by the way, when I did this, I uncovered some BEES! A ground nest of bumble bees. So yay me! Anyways, I fell pulling a tarp from beside our home that we had laid to keep water from our basement. I had made great progress then slid down our sloped hill in my stupid shape up shoes and fell right on my butt on a flat smoothe stone. Then laid there for 2-3 minutes trying to move but not too much because of the bees ... still crying and trying to get my hubbys attention on our mower. Uggg... eversince then, I've been laying in bed on my stomache and sides... trying to keep busy with something!! It's not easy when you have to lay in bed. So I have been working on my crafts and trying to make myself sit for about 30 mins at a time (doesn't feel good but still have to try). So my blog is THIS 30 mins. Wish me luck.
I hope you like what I have been working on.

AMERICANA Spindle Bunnies

(not quite finished)
These cute lil' guys will be offered in The Dusty Attic very soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raggedy Giveaway!

(picture is property of Primitives From The Attic)

Look at this adorable little raggedy. Isn't she just toooo cute!
Hop on over to Primitives From The Attic to get a chance to win her! I already did!!