Sunday, August 9, 2009

Americana Fans

Calling all Americana Fans! haha. Here are a few pictures that I have taken at the store (The Dusty Attic) to show all of you that Love Americana. Sit back and take a look. All items are for sale. You may comment me, email me or visit The Dusty Attic Online if you see an item that you are interrested in.

Don't you just love these photos from the porch.

This is a cute little wooden slat flag.

Here are some old framed Lincoln photos. One is of Lincoln and his son and the other is of him on a horse.

Here is another few Lincoln items. There is the Lincoln Sampler to the left and in the center back there is a photo of Lincoln. Wonderful for Americana collecters.

Here is one of our small wax tart warmers. This one is black. It's sitting on top of a little Americana drum.

This is a set of Americana Bowl Fillers. They are assorted balls adorned with multiple fabrics, buttons, scrabble tiles, etc. Aren't they sweet. I have a set of these stacked on my mantle for the 4th next to a set of toddler sized wooden shoe molds. Too CUTE!

I love these towels and the Towel Holder is just tooo PRIM for words!! I love it!

This is a wreath that I put together for the store after seeing that awesome one in Country Sampler. Connie just had to have one for the store so I tried to make do with what we had. She was sooo happy that I put one together for her. Won't that be beautiful on her wrap around porch at home once she's done with it in the store.

The little picture frame with the flag in it is just perfect for anyone who has ever had someone fight for their country in their family. Connie is going to put a photo of her father in hers. Won't that be perfect with his old war photo in it.

Here are a stack of Americana Buntings and tea towels in Navy and White plaid as well as Red and White ticking. The crock has been adorned with navy and white gingham fabric. Isn't that cute!

Here is the set of Americana Bowl Fillers again with many different items as well.

I love these! They are stacking Star Boxes. You can either stack them on top of one another or display them standing like these are. Absolutely Wonderful!!
Stay Spirited Ya'll!

It's begining to look like Fall again at the Dusty Attic

Hey, It's beginging to look a lot like Fall here at The Dusty Attic. That is the store that my momma-n-law and I run. Isn't this wreath really cute. I just tossed it together real quick. It's one of Connie's witches hats that she was working on for Halloween, a new orange pip garland that we just got in, a few sprigs of sweet annie and a little wooden pumpkin ornie. How cute!

We got this awesome glidder from a tag sale last week and decided to put it on the porch and cute it up with some of our crow pillows and the matching quilt. (Don't mind the sled... I just haven't had time to move it.)

I just have to say YAY! Fall is coming! I really can't wait. Once August hits, it seems like so many fun things start to happen the closer we get to Fall. My birthday is coming up soon and 2 of my favorite hometown festivals are happening as well. I just love those cooler nights when you have to throw on a hoodie and jeans... got to the festival, eat tons of fair food and talk about the "good ol' days" with your best buddies from high school as well as those nights you put a bon'fire together or hayrides. I just love it! Not to mention the fact that my favorite holidays will be just around the corner...Halloween and Thanksgiving (Don't ya just love burnt orange!) ... as well as the weeks before Christmas.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Go visit my Momma!!

Hi there gang! I just wanted to let you all know that I have shoved my mother into the world of blogging. LOL!! So everyone please be so kind as to give her a visit and be a follower! She is constantly working on new items for the prim and country decore scene. So hop on over to her blog... Cherry Street Forest Prims. Isn't that such a cute name! I helped her come up with it and designed her a little logo. So blog hop on over to Cherry Street Forest Prims to take a peek at the little bit we managed to get on there tonight.... there is soooo much more still yet to be posted.

PS. I know she doesn't have many "PRIMS" yet even though it's called Cherry Street Forest PRIMS but she's trying to work her way over to the "dark" side (prim side for those still goin..."huh??". Haha. She's trying to transition from country. So bare with her. She's warmin' up fairly quick.

Anyway, what are you waitin' for ... GO VISIT MY MOMMA!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Foam Shell bracelet and necklace by Alpha+Mom

I was visiting my favorite places today online and found this really cute idea on Alpha+Mom. It's a bracelet and necklace set made out of foam plates!! How pretty is THIS! I thought this was great. They made the bracelet and necklace both and I think even earrings might be cute...not worn all together of course. That would be a bit much going on around your head if you wore the earrings and necklace together but isn't this a neat idea. They also did a variation for a toddler not so pleased with the look of the spikey set. Her's were yellow, round and looked like Ruffles ridges chips...TOO CUTE! So be sure to stop by their site to get the details on making these awesome goodies.
(Photos courtesy of Alpha+Mom.)