Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's begining to look like Fall again at the Dusty Attic

Hey, It's beginging to look a lot like Fall here at The Dusty Attic. That is the store that my momma-n-law and I run. Isn't this wreath really cute. I just tossed it together real quick. It's one of Connie's witches hats that she was working on for Halloween, a new orange pip garland that we just got in, a few sprigs of sweet annie and a little wooden pumpkin ornie. How cute!

We got this awesome glidder from a tag sale last week and decided to put it on the porch and cute it up with some of our crow pillows and the matching quilt. (Don't mind the sled... I just haven't had time to move it.)

I just have to say YAY! Fall is coming! I really can't wait. Once August hits, it seems like so many fun things start to happen the closer we get to Fall. My birthday is coming up soon and 2 of my favorite hometown festivals are happening as well. I just love those cooler nights when you have to throw on a hoodie and jeans... got to the festival, eat tons of fair food and talk about the "good ol' days" with your best buddies from high school as well as those nights you put a bon'fire together or hayrides. I just love it! Not to mention the fact that my favorite holidays will be just around the corner...Halloween and Thanksgiving (Don't ya just love burnt orange!) ... as well as the weeks before Christmas.


Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

Wish I was at your store right now! I love everything in your photos and yes, I love burnt orange too! How fun it must be to have your own store. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Deb :)

Primitive Thymes said...

Your Fall goodies are fantastic. Really makes me want to get mine out and start decorating. Maybe in a couple of weeks. We just finally got some summer-like weather here. Think I will enjoy that while it lasts.
Take care,