Sunday, July 25, 2010

50 Follower's Giveaway!!!!

Well, it finally has happened. I have reached 50 followers!! YAY!
I know that isn't very many compared to most people but for me, it's a great little milestone. A wonderful little "memory" that will soon fade with time and with the more follower milestones I will reach. (henceforth the graphic that I have made above..."Our... little faded Memories.")
I haven't decided what I want to giveaway yet but I know I will have it by the end of this week.
Here are the stipulations of the giveaway. . .

You must be a follower and leave a comment.
You may post about my giveaway for another entry BUT you must comment that you did so.
Also you may become a follower of The Dusty Attic's Blog and comment to me that you have done so as well.

That's 3 chances to enter.... Just be sure to comment me about it.
Be on the lookout for my posting of the items this week.
I will keep it going through the end of August, I believe.
Thanks to you all who have been following!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Owls, Owls and more OWLS!

(Above: my newest unfinished little creations inspired by some great designs)

I love inspiration! Recently I was blog-hopping, web jumping, browsing, looking and searching for something to inspire me and I found these!

Below is a wonderful group of little owls from many different talented artists that I thought you all would love to see.

I wanted to share some of my favorite owl designs with you.

Please click on their links to go visit their sites as well.

(Also, I must note that the photos of these owls are property of their respective owners and I do not take credit for them.)


(Primitive Owl Moon Door Hanger by Rock River Stitches)
Or Visit Rock River Stitches Website Here.

(Primitive Grungy Dirty Halloween Witch Owl & Moon Door Hanger Pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives)
Or Visit Tennessee Ridge Primitives Website Here.

Or Visit Chestnut Junction's Website Here.
(This "Hootie Owl" was one that a gal had made on Ebay from a Chestnut Juntion Pattern
- I couldn't find my link to this one. The auction might be over.)

(Prim Owl by Country and Prim)
Or visit Country and Prim Here.
Now weren't those just too cute! So below I have some snaps of my owls that were taken in the making of them. Isn't inspiration wonderful!
(Getting ready for beaks.)

(Just after getting eyes.)

(Right after being painted and getting coated in "smelly-goods".)
Be sure to visit the links to the other lovely owls posted above and I hope you like "my take".

The Power of FLOWER staining.

In all my little Fall adventures in creating that I have been posting about...I have also been looking at a large bundle of sunflowers that we had at The Dusty Attic. They were just sooo bold! I kept wondering how they might look if I stained them to make them a bit more Prim. Sooooo, I took them home and stained them to find out.
They are looking amazing! Just a few more dips to go and they will be absolutely Prim-tastic!
I'll be sure to post the before and afters of them soon.
Thanks for looking!

Short Witches Boots...Almost finished!

Well my short witches boots are almost finished. I posted a picture of them a few posts back with them a little less closer to being this finished.
Don't you just love the buttons that I found in my button collection. I have an old train-case full of them. These went absolutely perfect with these boots.
The wrinkles turned out really well too!
(Here they are getting dusted.)

(This is a pair of mini boots that I have started working on. They are a smaller pair of the Country-Prim boots that I had shown in a few posts back.)

Aren't these all just making you soooo excited about Fall!!!!

Punkin Ornies ....DONE!

Here they are, finally! My new Punkin Ornies are ready for our Fall line up at The Dusty Attic .
I can't wait....Can YOU!?

(Finished Punkin Ornie)
I hope you like them.

(unfinished lil punkin ornies)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cutie Crows

Looking through my photos, I found my little Christmas Crow that I made last year around Christmas. I think she is adorable. I'm sure the Lady that purchased her thought so as well. hehe.
I think I have a few almost ready to go for this fall and winter. YAY! I'm going to try to finish them up for this year.

OH, and I found this too!! HAHAH!! Who says you can't have fun with boxes. This was Erica's Mermaid tail. LOL. She grabbed up one of the Christmas tree boxes from The Dusty Attic, slipped inside and said... "Look Momma!!! I'm a mermaid. Look at me swimming in my mermaid tail!"
Totally made my day!!

Bed to Bench-tastic!

I found this cute little twin sized bed at a junk shop that they sold to me for about 5 bucks. My first intention was to use it in my lil girls bedroom BUT, after it sat around for a few months I got an idea. I got a coffee table from our store, The Dusty Attic and had been moving furnature around and had accidently shoved it against the headboard. TA-DA!!! Found their new purposes! I was looking at it thinking "Oh my gosh! That would be so cute as a new bench in front of my fireplace. And there it was. So I sanded the headboard of its nasty glossy ....yuck-ness, repainted it black and placed it behind the coffee table. For now it is just placed until I decide if I want to place screws in either piece but you would never know it wasn't a fully functional bench. It is really cute and fits perfectly in front of the fireplace.
I wish I had a better pic of it. I promise I will later but for now all I could find was one of it with Izzy taking the bench over for herself. I think it's cute even if the bench isn't as noticable. If the kitty loves it... it must be cute!

Table Facelift

I can't tell you how much I love our dinning room table. At first it was a wonderfully ugly, chippy painted, stained up thing. Very Prim and pretty for those of us that love that look. But then as we used it more and more and my taste has changed a little.... I decided to strip the top to the original wood with hopes to stain it a dark cherry-ish stain, poly it and paint the base black, scuff the edges and stain them. I think it will be wonderful.
(Right after we stripped the top and about to stip the sides. I had to throw a bowl of fillers on it to picture how pretty it would be. )

(See the white.... it was cute just needed something new and improved.)

(Erica asked to help. She thought the sander was "....waaaaaaay cooler than that paper stuff." lol.

(Here we are in our working clothes. Totally cute well at least "my gal" was.
I'll be posting the finished product when it's finally done.

Broom Corn

Don't you just love the look of broom corn!?
I was looking through some of the "IMADETHAT" files that I have on my computer and found this broom corn wreath that I made for a man that grows it. I wanted to buy all that he had at the Heritage Fest that I had went to and didn't have enough to cover the whole batch. So he said, "Tell ya what, make me somethin' little out of some of it and I'll give it ALL to ya." I told him it was a deal!!
So this is what I made for him. I struck up a friendship with the farmer and
now I just give him a call when I need more and pay him as I go. Thank goodness cause I would have never known where to buy it around here if he hadn't been so nice.
Uhhhh, broom corn is sooo pretty and prim! I love it!!

The Tess-nater!

Here is my Tess-Tess (Tessy). The little gal I adopted this January from the Humaine Society. It's kind of funny how I got her. I kept seeing her picture pop up on Pet Finder and I kept thinking... "Poor kitty, she's got such an ugly little face." Which is totally not me. I think most all kitties are just adorable. I went to the shelter where she was placed to look at a different cat and noticed that Tessy was there. "Little Miss Ugly Face" was in the shelter that I was at and wasn't as ugly as I had originally thought, just "unique". I wasn't at all interested in her but for some reason she kept pawing at me through the cage and "talking". I finally said "Aww momma kitty you aren't the cutest thing here but you sure are a sweet lil' chubby gal!" So I opened the cage and she practically malled me trying to get me to pet her. I couldn't hardly stand how she acted like she was trying to charm me into taking her because of how much she hated her little cage (at least that's my thinking on the whole ordeal weither that was what she was doing or not). So I asked the lady at the shelter if she knew anything about her and she said she was approx. 4 and a half years old and that they had had her for a long time (people tend to take the kittens and things before the "old" cats and I'm sure the ugly picture that she took didn't help).
I looked at Tessy long and hard and thought you know what... I have always been a sucker for the runt of the litter, the ugly ones and the ones who will probably get picked last and thought.... this is my golden gal. And boy was I ever right!!! This cat is my best buddy. I absolutely love her to pieces. She has quickly become another "child" of our family. I wasn't sure I would ever get over losing my little Dori-Bug kitty because I tried and tried to find a ringer for her but Tess has slowly helped me learn to love her for her. And her personality makes her absolutley GORGEOUS!
(Tess-Tess getting ready to help me cut out binder covers.)

(Peeking at the fabrics and tape measure.... "Hmmm... that looks fun...", thinks Tess.

(" much in fact, I think I'll help....")

("....yea, that tape measure is mine!!!")
Tessy is such a mess. The little poot loves thread, yarn, dibs and dabs of fabric of all kinds. What a spoiled lil stink.
She slowly lets us know about her lifestyle from before. For the longest time she was not a "holding cat", a "petting cat"(except to lure me to her to adopt, a "more than one kitty cat" and so on. It has taken about 6 months for her to warm completely up to us. She is now a "must have me on your lap cat", "pet me all the time cat", "PLEASE PICK ME UP and hold me like a baby cat", "I'm gonna follow you everywhere you go cat", a "chitter chatter cat", but still a "don't bring another cat home after Izzy cat went to live with Nana -cat" (Izzy needed someone to play with and Tess was not letting up. She did NOT want to be friends and one of Nana's kitties went missing so her Charlie cat was lonely and Izzy and he have always loved each other dearly.....Perfect Match.)
Now, I have never given a cat canned food because it makes for uhmmm, .....disgusting potties...usually. But Tess gets "treat food" every other 2-3 days. It all started when my hubby started eatting tuna because it was better for him than all the other heart UN-healthy meats, etc. Tess would hear the can opener and that .... kind of ..."pop" the top of the can makes and would RUNNN into the kitchen. She would "talk" non-stop, circle him, paw his legs, stand on her hind legs and basically beg when she heard that sound. So I felt that after 2 weeks of this happening that there was a posibility that Tessy was fed canned food where she lived before. Once I brought a few cans home... I think I found her weakness. Chicken with gravy!!
If we eat any tuna and it's not treat food day.... Tess will let us know that she is angry with us for not letting her have some too. She "puffs" She blows out her mouth and nose and gives you a dirty look and walks off with her tail high and kitty booty shakin'!! (kind of like a kid that goes, UH! That little fast bit of air they puff out with that look on their face like.. "Oh my gosh, you never let me do aANYTHING fun!")
YOU KNOW that look.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my Kitty Chat for this week.
Tess will see ya next time!

T(Witchin') once again!

Remember these awesome witches boots from last year.

.....TOO CUTE, HUH!....

...Or how about these!!

AND THESE.......
Well this year I hope to top them all.

Witches boots are starting to pop up in our house again! I love making my T'witches boots. Not sure what got me calling them that but I think it had something to do with my little girl calling them something similar when she was littler.
I think this batch is going to be really cute.

(Tabbed T'witches Boots)
These are what I had been working on so far. I'll keep my taller witches boots a secret for now. They seem to be my best sellers.
Keep an eye out for them!!!

Punkin Ornies!!

Look out Halloween....Here comes Brittany!
Punkin' Ornies in full force!
Here are the little ornies that I have been working on lately. I have quite a few almost finished for Fall. Just a few more little embelishments and they will be all ready to go. I also have some to make into a few garlands. How cute would that be!?
(A whole mess of Punkin' Ornies)
Hope you all like them!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dusty Attic Blog Now Up and Running

Hi Everyone, I just wanted let you all know that The Dusty Attic Blog is now finally up and running. I would like to ask all of my friends to go give our new blog a visit and to please become a follower. Those of you who know how hard it is to get the ball rolling know that we are trying hard to become established. With that said, any of you who think your friends/followers would love to check us out please post a little something about us. We would really love that!
We will be posting more this week. (Photos, Price Lists, etc) So be on the look out.
Thanks again to Amy from Amybugs Primitive Attic for our blog designs!!
And thank you to all of my followers and friends for stopping by as well as to our regular store customers.
Prim Hollow hopes to have a lot to offer for our Fall Customer Appreciation Days. Look for my Fall And Halloween Goodies.
A taste of my items can be found on my Prim Hollow site. The button is located to the right of this post. Please check it out. You may also check out the handmade items that The Dusty Attic might offer on our webstore. . We will be transitioning away from our store to our blog by January. So be sure to look while you can.
Don't forget to add us to your FAVORITES!