Sunday, July 18, 2010

Broom Corn

Don't you just love the look of broom corn!?
I was looking through some of the "IMADETHAT" files that I have on my computer and found this broom corn wreath that I made for a man that grows it. I wanted to buy all that he had at the Heritage Fest that I had went to and didn't have enough to cover the whole batch. So he said, "Tell ya what, make me somethin' little out of some of it and I'll give it ALL to ya." I told him it was a deal!!
So this is what I made for him. I struck up a friendship with the farmer and
now I just give him a call when I need more and pay him as I go. Thank goodness cause I would have never known where to buy it around here if he hadn't been so nice.
Uhhhh, broom corn is sooo pretty and prim! I love it!!

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