Sunday, July 18, 2010

Table Facelift

I can't tell you how much I love our dinning room table. At first it was a wonderfully ugly, chippy painted, stained up thing. Very Prim and pretty for those of us that love that look. But then as we used it more and more and my taste has changed a little.... I decided to strip the top to the original wood with hopes to stain it a dark cherry-ish stain, poly it and paint the base black, scuff the edges and stain them. I think it will be wonderful.
(Right after we stripped the top and about to stip the sides. I had to throw a bowl of fillers on it to picture how pretty it would be. )

(See the white.... it was cute just needed something new and improved.)

(Erica asked to help. She thought the sander was "....waaaaaaay cooler than that paper stuff." lol.

(Here we are in our working clothes. Totally cute well at least "my gal" was.
I'll be posting the finished product when it's finally done.

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