Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craziness Gallore!!

Hey guys,
As you all know... the end of the year is super dooper crazy for me. Even more so this year because I also sub at our school. I have been there almost everyday for the last few months and it has been hard to keep up with the store, the sites and school combined. So I appologize for not being with it...AGAIN! :) I am hoping things are going to start easing up soon. I have finally got a day off to clean and my house is really needing it with all of the work going on here. It looks like a CRAFTING FIRECRACKER has exploded in here!! I have recently started making hairbows and tutus because of the huge request for them and that has lead to making Cheer hairbows for 2 different schools Cheer teams as well as a request for ordering tee's for one of them. So busy busy BUSY! I hope to get some photos on here soon of works that I will more than likely have to bring out NEXT year for winter because I just haven't had time to finish them.
Hope to be posting goodies soon!!
Loads of love to you all!!