Friday, October 9, 2009

Prim Pumpkins and Fall/Halloween Canes

Here are my Prim Fall/Halloween Candy Canes. They are (of course) an orange instead of the original red that candy canes are. They look great with every single fall display that I have placed them in at the store. I just love them. I have wrapped them in 3's with a bit of coffee baked cheese cloth. I also placed a sprig of sweet annie and a rusted jingle bell on them. Too sweet!

These are my prim pumpkins for this year. They are a bit different than the last few years... but not at all lacking in prim-ly-ness! These pumpkins look absolutely wonderful on our mantle as well as in the center of the dinning room table. And they smell of cinnamon!!

Here is one of my prim cinnamon gourds.

These are a few of my mini-cinna pumpkins.

I absolutely love my Prim Cinna Pumpkins. They are sooo pretty with everything!

Folk Art Fall Jesters

(Above: Folk Art Fall Jester - Dots and Rings)
Here are my Fall Folk Art Jesters. Aren't they neat. They are so scary lookin' that they're cute! Haha! As weird as that sounds, I hope you all know what I mean??

Above, this photo shows the difference in their outfits. One has dots and rings and the other just has dots.

(Above: Folk Art Fall Jester - Dots)

This photo shows the side by side, slight difference in their faces.

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Prim Pumpkin Boy and Girl

Hi Everyone! Things have been really busy lately. I managed a week or so ago to get a few items made up for last minute Halloween/Fall items.

All of these items may be purchased here on my blog or my website as long as they have not been already purchased from our store.

(Usually once something of mine has been sold "in store" my momma-n-law will call me to let me know on the days that I am not there. )

Shipping will also need to be attached to the final total as well. I like to wait to send out a second bill for that to ensure the exact shipping amount for the location that my creations will be shipped to.

I hope you like these little guys.

You may purchase these items to the left using PayPal.

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