Friday, October 9, 2009

Folk Art Fall Jesters

(Above: Folk Art Fall Jester - Dots and Rings)
Here are my Fall Folk Art Jesters. Aren't they neat. They are so scary lookin' that they're cute! Haha! As weird as that sounds, I hope you all know what I mean??

Above, this photo shows the difference in their outfits. One has dots and rings and the other just has dots.

(Above: Folk Art Fall Jester - Dots)

This photo shows the side by side, slight difference in their faces.

These items may also be purchased to the left by using PayPal if they have not been purchased "in store".


MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Love them! They are super!

Mary Jo

Libbie said...

So fun to see all your work! What a fun place for your kids to grow up...I am sending my sister over here to check you out right now! She will love your blog too! :)