Saturday, August 1, 2009

Foam Shell bracelet and necklace by Alpha+Mom

I was visiting my favorite places today online and found this really cute idea on Alpha+Mom. It's a bracelet and necklace set made out of foam plates!! How pretty is THIS! I thought this was great. They made the bracelet and necklace both and I think even earrings might be cute...not worn all together of course. That would be a bit much going on around your head if you wore the earrings and necklace together but isn't this a neat idea. They also did a variation for a toddler not so pleased with the look of the spikey set. Her's were yellow, round and looked like Ruffles ridges chips...TOO CUTE! So be sure to stop by their site to get the details on making these awesome goodies.
(Photos courtesy of Alpha+Mom.)

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