Friday, July 17, 2009

Art works lately..

It's about that time again! YAY! Fall and Halloween crafts are starting to pour out! I will be making another set of witches stockings and a few more witches boots again this year. These were my last years batch.

I have been trying really hard to finish up quite a few items that I have started in the past. Here is one of my unfinished Annie dolls. I have handsculpted her head and given her a cloth body. She is in brown tones but I decided not to let you all see her in full color yet because she needs to still go through her aging processes and such so that she becomes as primitive as she can.

Here is the next lil' gal I'll be working on. She's is going to be wonderful!. I have something beautiful pictured in my head. Now, hopefully I can get my hands to pull it off.

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