Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glass and Stingers

Well yesterday wasn't too bad. For most of the day I searched online for inspiration to go back to sewing. Sometimes I just get into a rut and need to see what other people are doing to just get back to finishing what I have started.

I also got to visit with one of my favorite great aunts and her girls. I don't get to see them often but when I do - I always feel like I belong. I'm such a plump, boisterous, bubble-y, laughing and rather extreme presence and thats them too. I just love it. Our little Dusty Attic Store walls were just busting with loud happy mouths! It was such a fun time.

Then later in the evening we went out for a walk with our pups and ended up bringing a stray boxer Not on purpose... he just wouldn't get the hint. On our way back to the house I must have walked across some broken glass and flipped it into my flip flops. UGGhhhh! (If anyone knows me-you'll know that if there is broken glass around... my fingers or feet will find it!!) I brushed the bottom of my foot with hopes that I would find the piece that got me and no glass. So I stepped a few more steps and found that I must have missed it because it hurt each time I stepped. Again, I looked and felt and no glass. I was hoping it wasn't way in there. So there I was following my husband and daughter with our pups ...prancing on my tip toes until we could get to the porch and investigate further. And sure enough... there was glass sticking up from my flip flops. I must have flipped the glass up into my shoe and then pressed it into it with my foot as I walked a few steps. Not fun. I kept thinking... ewww... I walk around in these flip flops for most of the day and who knows what gets onto them... AND NOW... I have a cut for all that junk to get into...blllluuuckkk! (I'm a germaphobe when it comes to cuts and open wounds. I don't know how I managed when I had my reduction-I'm sure I've blocked that

Well after that we decided to out to Glen-o. (Glen O Jones Lake) and let Erica slide down the swirly slide thats at the park there. She's suddenly daring now and has decided that slides aren't as dangerous as they look. So she thought... Anyways, we went to the lake park and Leif and I were grabbin' the pups outta the back of the truck while Erica asked if she could go ahead to the slide. Leif said "Yea babe thats fine just be careful." We were only a few yards from her when we heard the most blood curdling scream that every parent dreads. Not once but numberous times. Leif ran to her as I was trying to get to them both (I was tripping and tangled in puppy leashes). He picked her up and asked what was wrong but she just wasn't calming down. The only other times we have heard these shrieks were when Miss Erica has encountered a bug of some sort...ticks, spiders, etc. Then he saw a red wasp kind of waddling along. She'd been STUNG! Her first sting and man was it a duezy. Her lil 4 year old baby fingers were swellin' up and red. All she could say is ... "OH momma... ohhhh mommma it hurts tooo bad! I can't move my fingers. Oh momma this is the worst day ever!! " Of course all of this was said blubbering. I didn't think she was ever going to stop crying that night. She would catch a glimps of Spongebob on tv and stop just long enough to remember that she wasn't thinking about her hand. Once she finally calmed down a little she said in a sad little voice... "Momma I think I need to sleep in your bed tonight so you can help me move my hand when I need to get my night night water... Oh yea and I think that if I watch cartoons in there, it might make it swell down better." We knew then that she was gonna be!!

Today her little baby hand feels like a million bucks!

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