Thursday, July 9, 2009

Challenge No. 1

Ok, I have decided that it is time to get this place cleaned out! I have so much clutter that I'm sure it is part of my everyday stress. I can't come home after being gone and just relax or feel like I can have fun doing any of my favorite hobbies. There is so much EVERYWHERE!! So I am going to start getting rid of a lot of things that are just taking up space. I will be needing as many ideas as you can throw at me. I would love for all of you to give me some of your best organizing tips or advice of any kind.
For the next 30 days I will be on a misson to organize. I started today July 9th and plan to have this place ship shape by the second week of August. I got a nice bunch of clutter organized and sorted. (most of our problem comes from all of our linens, clothing, etc. Oh yea, and I'm a crafter... so... theres tons of that lying around too!) I buy tons of things from yard sales and thrift stores. I'm constantly buying to put THIS with THAT that I bought at an earlier sale... etc. etc.... well it's time for an overhaul!
Wish me Luck!!

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