Sunday, June 28, 2009

New to blogging

Hey everyone! I'm extremely new to this whole blogging thing. But... here goes. My name is BrittanyJo. I'm 26 years old and have been involved with anything artsy or craft related for as long as I can remember. I was born from a family of 4 children. As for myself, I have decided that just ONE, for the time being, is enough...haha. I'm an at home momma with a ton of things to do. "Don't all of us mommas have a ton!" I'm married to a wonderful man who makes my days bareable. We have never went one day AND night without an "I love you" since we have been together. Not to meantion a few strewn throughout the day. Our little gal is Erica and she is a rip-roarin' 4 years old.

This week has been a fun as well as agravating. I have been working on a few items here and there as well as some graphics.

We got 2 new Weimaraner puppies earlier this week. 2 lil girls that we have yet to name. They are the prettiest Chocolate color with sage green eyes. (Yes, I know Weims are truely grey. They're part sneaky neighbor dog; I was

We had a really great week at Vacation Bible School. There were a ton of great kids there for my lil gal to meet. Tons of songs, stickers and colors...and a few cookies and juice boxes tossed in for good measure.

Last night my hubby and I decided to go out on the town. A sort of date night, if you will. We had a great meal at Western Sizzlin'. Not my favorite but good food just the same. Then we decided to skip the movie and do our weekly shopping that was postponed that morning. On the way, we encountered our lovely car deciding to take a steam. It was overheating...blllluugggk! It was miserable. Here we were an hour from home and our car was having a hot flash. We did however end up making it almost home before we had to just call it quits. There was no more fighting that beast anymore. Kaboom, something blew. Luckily, my pops-in-law came to our rescue, tow strap in hand. Finally, our lil' speed buggy was pulled from the highway and left at a safe location until we could grab a trailor this morning to haul 'er home. So now, our valiant silver sebring has come to her temperary resting place. The bone yard....well, the place where my husband works on his welding and such. It just sort of looks like a grave yard for metal and iron pieces...haha.

Anyways, what a way to end with a bang.... literally.

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